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Library of
Books, Videos, Periodicals

Title Author Medium
Acrylic painting techniques Quiller, Stephen Acrylic
Acrylic painting techniques (North light book) Killeen, Earl G. with Leah R. Killeen Acrylic
Acrylic painting; a step-by-step ... Blake, Wendon Acrylic
Acrylics book; materials and techniques for today's... Sheaks, Barclay Acrylic
Andrew Wyeth - The Helga Pictures Wyeth, Andrew
Approach to Figure Painting for the Beginner, An Forsberg, Howard K. Oil
Approach to Figure Painting, An
Art of Alex Colville, The Dow, Helen J. (History)
Art of Andrew Wyeth, The
Art of Landscape Painting, The Strisik, Paul Oil
Artist and the Nude Levy
Artist's Guide to Sketching, The
Asian view Sorenson, David Oil
Basic People Painting Wolf, Rachel Rubin Watercolor
Batik Ont.Min.Comm.&Soc. Services
Beginner's Guide to Portrait Painting, The Kershaw, David
Big Brush Watercolor Ranson, Ron Watercolor
Billy Morrow Jackson; interpretations of time and light Wooden, Howard E Oil, encaustic, casein, woodcut, pen & ink
Brushwork for the Oil Painter Gruppe, Emile Oil
Celebrate Your Creative Self Beam, Mary Todd
Color Book, The Blake, Wendon
Color in Watercolor Blake, Wendon Watercolor
Colour in Acrylic Blake, Wendon Acrylic
Complete Book of Drawing and Painting, The Laidman, Hugh Drawing
Complete Book of Drawing, The Drawing
Complete Guide to Landscape Painting in Oil Blake, Wendon C. Oil
Complete Guide to Prints and Printmaking, The Dawson, John Print
Complete Oil Painting Course, The Artists House Book Oil
Creative Artist Artists House Book
Creative Color for the Oil Painter Blake, Wendon Oil
Creative Painting from Photographs de Reyna
Creative Seascape Painting Betts, Edward Multi-media
Creative Watercolor Techniques Szabo Watercolor
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (copy 1) Edwards, Betty Drawing
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (copy 2) Edwards, Betty Drawing
Drawing the Living Figure Sheppard, Joseph Drawing
Drawing: A Search for Form Drawing
Emily Carr - Vancouver Art Gallery
Evolving Picture, The Brouilette, Al
Exploring Colour Leland, Nita
Figure Drawing Blake, Wendon Drawing
Figure Drawing for all it's Worth Loomis, Andrew Drawing
Figure Painting in Watercolor Reid, Chas Watercolor
Figure Sketching School: the essential step-by-step... Wiffen, Valerie Multi-media
Fill Your Watercolors with Light and Color Roycroft, Roland Watercolor
Flower Painting Riley, Paul Watercolor
Fool in Paradise, A McCarthy, Doris
Make Your Watercolors Look Professional Watercolor
Good Wine, The McCarthy, Doris
Gruppe on Color Gruppe, Emile
History of Painting in Canada, The Lord, Barry
How to Draw and Paint Floral Bouquets Ades, Lola Drawing,oil
How to Draw the Human Figure Graham, John Drawing
How to Make a Painting Shapiro, Irving
How to Paint with Watercolors Crawshaw, Alwyn Watercolor
Inspirational silk painting from nature Henge, Renate Silk dyes guta wax
Interpreting the Figure in Watercolor Andrews, Don Watercolor
Introduction to Painting in Oils, An Harrison, Hazel Oil
Introduction to Painting the Nude , An Carr, David
Joy of Watercolor Millard, David Watercolor
Keys to Successful Landscape Painting Caddell, Foster Oil
Landscape Painting Strisik
Landscape Painting in Watercolour Szabo,Zoltan Watercolor
Landscapes in Watercolour Blake
Croney Landscape
Learn to Paint in Pastels Blockley Pastel
Learn Watercolor the Edgar Whitney Way Ranson, Ron Watercolor
Making Colors Sing Dobie, Jeanne
McMichael Conservation Collection, The
More Joy of Watercolour Millard Watercolor
My Way with Watercolor Croney, Claude Watercolor
Natural Way to Draw, The Nicolaides, Kimon
New Acrylics; complete guide to the new generation ... Tauchid, Rheni Acrylic
New Spirit of Watercolor, The Ward, Mike Watercolor
No More Wishy-Washy Watercolor Martin, Margaret M. Watercolor
Oil Painter's Guide to Painting Skies Shaw
Schaeffer Landscape
Oil Painter's Guide to Painting Trees Shaw
Schaeffer Trees
Oil Painting Hill, Adrian Oil
Oil Painting Book, The Blake, Wendon Oil
Paint red hot landscapes that sell; a sure-fire way to... Svob, Mike Oil
Painting Better Landscapes Kessler, Margaret Oil
Painting Dynamic Watercolors Di Stefano, Dominic Watercolor
Painting Floral Still Lifes (in oils) Pike, Joyce Oil
Painting Flowers with Joyce Pike Pike, Joyce
Painting in Watercolor Gwynn, Kate Watercolor
Painting Landscapes in Oils Goetz, Mary Anne Oil
Painting Nature's Hidden Treasures Szabo, Zoltan Watercolor
Painting Portraits Rodwell, Jenny
Painting the Effects of Weather Seligman, Patricia Multi-media
Painting the Female Figure Bassford, Wallace
Painting What You Want to See Reid, Chas. Watercolor & oil
Painting with Pastels Johnson, Peter D. Pastel
Paintings from the Wild McLean, George
Lank, David
Passionate Spirits - History of the R.C. Academy of Arts Sester, Recca
Pastel painting techniques; 17 pastel painting projects Roddon, Guy Pastel
Pen and Pencil Technique Book, The Borgman Ink
Pencil Drawing Step by Step Guptill Drawing
Perspective Dobin, Jay
Picture Framing Hyder, Max
Portraits and Figures in Watercolour Reid, Chas. Watercolor
Prints and Printmaking Print
Realistic Oil Painting Techniques Anderson, Kurt Oil
Rendering in Pen and Ink Guptill, Arthur L. Ink
Richard Schmid Paints Landscapes Schmid, Richard Oil
Robert Wade's Watercolor Workshop Handbook Wade, Robert Watercolor
Romantic Oil Painting Made Easy Hagan, Robert Oil
Searching for the Artist Within Holman, Karlyn
Silk painting for fashion and fine art Moyer, Susan L Silk dyesGuta wax
Silk painting'; the artist's guide to gutta and wax resist... Moyer, Susan L. Silk dyes,Guta wax
Splash 2 - Watercolor Breakthroughs Wolf, R. R. Watercolor
Splash 4 - The Splendor of Light Watercolor
Splash 5 - Best of Watercolor: The Glory of Color Watercolor
Splash 6 - The Magic of Texture Watercolor
Splash 8 - the best in watercolor; watercolor discoveries
Start to learn: pastel techniques, Pastels Casals, Josep
This other Eden; Canadian folk art outdoors Mixed Tilney, Phil
Tom Lynch's Watercolor Secrets Watercolor
Transparent watercolor wheel; ...logical...mixing colors Kosvanec. Jim Watercolor
Twenty Figure Painters and How they Work
Watercolor - Free and Easy Weigard, Eric Watercolor
Watercolor - Painting Outside the Lines Kemp, Linda Watercolor
Watercolor - Simple, Fast and Focused Stabin, Mel Watercolor
Watercolor Basics - Let's Get Started Reid, Jack Watercolor
Watercolor basics: light (North Light Books) Morris, Judy Watercolor
Watercolor Flowers Fast, Fresh and Free MacNaughton, Jenny Watercolor
Watercolor Painting Croney Watercolor
Watercolor Simplified Weaver, Pat Watercolor
Watercolor You can Do It Couch, Tony Watercolor
Watercolorist's Guide to Painting Skies Petrie Watercolor
Watercolour Bold and Free Goldsmith Watercolor
Watercolour Painter's Problem Book Hill, Tom Watercolor
Watercolour Painting Smart Stine, Al Watercolor
Webb on Watercolor (hard cover) Webb, Frank Watercolor
Webb on Watercolor (soft cover) Webb, Frank Watercolor
Wet Watercolor Ball, Wilfred Watercolor
When You Paint Bracket, Ward
Wildflowers of Canada Bobak, Molly Lamb
Work Small, Learn Big - Sketching with Pen and Watercolor Batten, Tony Ink/Watercolor
World of mountain flowers World of Nature ---
Zen of Creative Painting Carbonetti, Jeanne
Zolton Szabo Paints Landscapes
Zolton Szabo's 70 Favorite Watercolor Techniques Watercolor
Title Author
Color Concepts for Watercolor - Make Color Glow with Strong Darks Schink, Christopher
Figure in water colour Reid, Charles
Flower Painting Simmons, Karen
Glass Container and Lace Fabrics Walsh, Janet
Making Watercolor Glow Andrews, Don
Still Life
Understanding Watercolor through Shape, Pattern and Design Lawrence, Skip
Use of Greens, Whites and Yellows Walsh, Janet
Wade's Way Wade, Robert
Watercolour my way 2 videos (#1-5, #11-14) Reid, Jack
Title Number Date
International Artist Magazine 5
International Artist Magazine 6
International Artist Magazine 7
International Artist Magazine 8
International Artist Magazine 9 Lost
International Artist Magazine 10
International Artist Magazine 11
International Artist Magazine 12
International Artist Magazine 13
International Artist Magazine 14 Aug/Sept, 2000 (2 copies)
International Artist Magazine 15
International Artist Magazine 16 Dec/Jan, 2001 (2 copies)
International Artist Magazine 17
International Artist Magazine 18
International Artist Magazine 19 June/Jul, 2001 (2 copies)
International Artist Magazine 20 Aug/Sept,2001 (2 copies)
International Artist Magazine 21
International Artist Magazine 22 Dec/Jan, 2001 (2 copies)
International Artist Magazine 23
International Artist Magazine 24
International Artist Magazine 25
International Artist Magazine 26
International Artist Magazine 27
International Artist Magazine 28
International Artist Magazine 29
International Artist Magazine 30 Apr/May, 2003 (2 copies)
International Artist Magazine 31
International Artist Magazine 32
International Artist Magazine 33
International Artist Magazine 34 Dec/Jan 2004
International Artist Magazine 35
International Artist Magazine 36
International Artist Magazine 37
International Artist Magazine 38 Lost
International Artist Magazine 39
International Artist Magazine 40
International Artist Magazine 41
International Artist Magazine 42 April/May, 2005
International Artist Magazine 43 June/July, 2005
International Artist Magazine 44 August/September 2005
International Artist Magazine 45 October/November, 2005
International Artist Magazine 46 December/January,05-06
International Artist Magazine 47 February/March, 2006
International Artist Magazine 48 April/May, 2006
International Artist Magazine 49 June/July, 2006
International Artist Magazine 50 August/Sept
International Artist Magazine 51 October/November
Silk painting 1 1986
Silk paintings 2
Watercolor v.9, no. 36 Fall, 2003
Watercolor Magic v.13, no. 1 February, 2005
Artic Cathedral, Tromso, Norway at midnight - 16x20 [GwynnethHeaton] Irises [GlendaWood] Katie at thirteen - 10x10 [StephenBenedek] Pansy Delight [WilliamJohns] 3 Faces of Gurney 46 [MargieWagner] Soothing Blue - 24x30 [LouisaLau] Shimmering Sunrise [LouisDavies]
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